TimeTax offers competent consulting on taxation and related foreign affairs.

Moving to Denmark

Throughout the years TimeTax has assisted several newcomers, thus ensuring that taxation is correct from the beginning.
Our consultants are experienced and provide excellent service and advice on Danish tax combined with possible income and tax credits abroad.
We offer extensive knowledge on tax issues including the tax scheme for foreign researchers and key employees which is an accommodative taxation method for foreigners temporarily living in Denmark.

Moving from Denmark

Once leaving Denmark the tax liability partly ceases.
We assist with preparing the necessary documents and tax settlement on your departure, as well as preparing the profit calculation needed for the Danish rules on expatriate taxation.


Working abroad

Several Danes are working abroad for a limited period of time.
It often requires advice on taxation in particular tax credits and the foreign income needs to be specified separately on the tax return. TimeTax consultants offer expert knowledge on assisting with tax returns.

Income from abroad

Once fully taxable in Denmark all income should be taxed in Denmark. It applies to foreign income, interests and profits from selling shares and bonds, properties abroad etc.
Often this income is also subject to taxation abroad.
TimeTax has extensive knowledge on combining national and international taxation rules and regulations, thus ensuring minimal tax liability legally.


International collaboration

TimeTax is a part of an international collaboration network, IECnet, consisting of advisors and consultants within Taxation, VAT, finance and accounting.
We offer extensive service cross borders combining the international and national taxation systems.